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                                                    A scratchbuilt Great Eastern Railway Sinclair single.

Welcome to my website. As  you can see, it is very much a "work in progress" at present,but hopefully over the coming months it will fill up with more stuff.

It is my aim to provide both "off the shelf" and commission built models of mainly early and pre-grouping models, with a specialist GWR Broad Gauge section.

There will also be other items for sale on the website.

All my products featured on this site are illustrated with unaltered original photos, and come with a 12 month warranty against failiures in workmanship.

Thank you for visiting my website, keep checking back for more developments!

Please note that at present we are not open for visitors, due to on-going building work. We will, however, eventually be welcoming visitors strictly by appointment only.

Thanks for visiting!

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